Recreating: Trainspotting 2018 / Luke Aherne

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How we made it

We were attracted to Trainspotting because of it's direct connection to Scotland and because of the film's association with Glasgow in particular. The iconic opening scene with it's Choose Life speech seemed a natural place start (seeing as it's at the beginning of the film). What occurred to us is that this speech delineated a lifestyle that any ordinary person could aspire to at that time; they could get a job, buy a house, start a family and choose to become an active member of a consumer society. These choices do not seem to so readily available. Access to education, very real changes in people's job security, a housing shortage that was viewed not as a social problem but as a market opportunity mean that the future for ordinary people has never seemed less certain. Whereas the original film was about a group who choose to become disenfranchised from the norms of their society, we are looking at the possibility where disenfranchisement may actually become be the norm. 2018 is because we're not there yet. Things can change. It is also a reference to the setting of the original book in the late 80's and that placing in time is relevant. Decades seem to have an ebb and flow that means that they tend to be defined by what happens in their middle-to-latter years. We have been lucky that we have built a solid team over a succession of short projects and that has allowed us to develop this project in less than 2 weeks from script to what you see here (and for a spend estimated to be around £6.40 + a lot of favours). However, I know that this is not the best that this project can be. I think it is something that we will continue to develop until we feel it has reached it's full potential because it is worth that. In the meantime, thanks and enjoy.