Recreating: This Is England (Scene Steal) / The Brothers Lynch

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How we made it

We both love 'This Is England' and especially Stephen Graham's performance in the film so we wanted to take the scene in a very different direction whilst also retaining the essence of it. A right wing politicians speech really seemed to make sense to us and our high concept sensibilities inspired us to take it in the direction we did. We shot the scene steal in 2 days. The edit took a couple more days and then the visual FX... well they took a considerable longer amount of time... We're a writer-director duo who go under the name, The Brothers Lynch. We also created all the VFX for this scene steal. 'Andrew Gascoigne MP' was played by Philip Gawthorne, a Brit List screenwriter. The 'Workers' were played by Ben Mortimer, a blogger for and It was shot on a Canon 5D by the immensely talented Santiago Burin Des Roziers, a director in his own right. The sound design (and on-location recording) was created by Bill Brooks, a music producer and DJ (who usually goes under the name William Breakspear).