Recreating: In Bruges: A Magical Realist Scenesteal / David Waywell

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How we made it

Given the cowardice of friends and family to appear in any video of mine, as well as my own unsuitability to standing in front of a camera, I thought I’d animate my entry. I’m very new to animation and this is my most adventurous so far. Sadly, due to my gung-ho spirit, it didn’t occur to me until after finishing my two minutes that my attempt at comedy might not fit with the Film 4 ethos required by this competition. However, I quickly hired some sallow faced models to provide a bit of proper art-house nudity. Unfortunately, that cut ran to two hours, mainly due to the gratuitous nudity, so I went back to the drawing board in order to submit this, my ‘magical realist scenesteal’ from ‘In Bruges’. It’s inspired by those moments when truly great actors you loved in wonderful parts, with fantastic scripts, suddenly appear in mainstream films where they’re unrecognisable behind makeup and dialogue that would make a tin of ham blush. So, this is my blending of the two: a short film that sits at the not-too-busy intersection where the Film 4 ethos meets the big budget mainstream blockbuster. You might not notice but I’ve made some imperceptible changes to tone down the bad language of the original to make it acceptable to a PG-13 audience who like their villains bald, blue and on conversational terms with snakes.